Search Engines For The Dark Web

The dark web is a mysterious world with lots of markets, forums and discussion platforms. You can’t search darknet markets with Google or other search engines. Particular browsers are necessary, such as Tor browser. Any website with .onion suffix is not accessible via regular browsers.
With the help of the Tor browser, you can visit these services. This browser can give you anonymity up to a level. No doubt, the dark web is always associated with illegal products and services. You can find numerous stories of these markets to buy drugs, fake passports and weapons.
Keep it in mind that the internet is filled with untrue, exaggerated and overhyped stories. You can find both good and evil on the dark web. It is essential to protect yourself from scammers and hackers. Always give priority to your safety.

Precautions for Safety

Before exploring anything in the darknet markets, you have to take essential safety measures. The dark web has maximum risks of cybercriminals and malware infections. These people can steal your data.
For this reason, use a new tablet or laptop to explore these markets. Your device should not have your essential details. It is vital to install an antivirus software tool and a VPN. With the help of a VPN, you can get the advantage of secure and encrypted traffic. It can protect you from several troubles.
With the use of a trustworthy VPN, you can manage your anonymity and security. Remember, common search engines can’t explore darknet markets. Directories and search engines may help you to understand the landscape of the dark web. See these sites to search your desired darknet market.

Hidden Wiki

It is similar to a Wikipedia for the dark web where you can find links for the dark web sites. Remember, dark web pages have nonsensical URLs. For this reason, it is not easy to find the desired website. With the help of Hidden Wiki, you can do your search.
You can get desired informative pages on different topics. It is not possible to explore a link in your regular browser. Hidden Wiki is not offering any service to index legal sites. Remember, you will find different versions of Hidden Wiki.
This platform was famous for hosting or indexing pedophile websites. For this reason, the FBI and other people were after this Wikipedia. Several spin-offs and copycats of this page are available. You can find different versions with the name “Official Hidden Wiki” and “Uncensored Hidden Wiki”. It is your responsibility to stay away from these websites. Nowadays, hidden wiki sites offer links to darknet markets. You can start your search with risk-free categories.


This platform may help you to find your way to an appropriate darknet market. With this search engine, you can search for different dark platforms. It works like Google for dark web sites. Unfortunately, the dark web is not an indexed and organized platform. They want to hide their services and products.
Remember, candle is a minor tool to search the darknet markets. With this search engine, you can find some information on the dark world. Avoid clicking any random link on candle. If you are browsing anything about the dark web, you should remain vigilant and use your common sense.


With this search engine, you can explore anything on the surface web and dark web. It works differently from standard search engines. If you want to protect your data, DuckDuckGo can be the right choice.
It will not collect or distribute your personal information. You can use this search engine to maintain your anonymous status on the dark web. With this search engine, you can explore .onion websites. Several search engines on the surface web don’t index .onion sites. A regular search engine may not help you to explore anything on the dark web.


To explore darknet markets, SearX is another supportive search engine. You can use it on both dark web and regular web. With this browser, you can search your queries. It enables you to look for videos, social media posts, news, science, music, maps, images and files. If you want details of something special, SearX may help you.

Not Evil

You can use this search engine to explore the darknet markets. This website is enjoyable to use because it contradicts directly from its statement. They don’t accept any donation and strictly forbid child pornography, narcotics, weapons and other illegal things.
It doesn’t mean that they complete preventing illegal hidden services. You can look for online guides, referral sites and the darknet markets for cocaine. They host a chat service with members. Users are allowed to create new topics. These topics may vary from distribution to deprave. You can’t avoid spam content.

Remember, scammers, law enforcement agents and hackers may participate in these chat sessions. In numerous cases, law enforcement agents venture on the darknet markets to catch wrongdoers. They can trick you in illegal activities during their honey-pot operations.
For this reason, you have to protect yourself from criminals, scammers and FBI agents. Unlike traditional markets, darknet markets are working freely. There is no control or restriction on scammers and criminals. You can be a victim instead of a buyer.
Avoid dealing in drugs, weapons and pornography. In numerous cases, you will get nothing even after paying money. Vendors can steal your money and share fake stories instead of sending anything to you.